2016 Addendum—
We have made significant progress in implementing Low Impact Development (LID) in the city. These goals were made part of our Unified Development Ordinance. I still support the city’s tree planting goals. Where we need to improve is to ensure community involvement. The city’s tree goals, unlike any other capital project, will require decades to implement and almost constant maintenance. Yearly reviews, and accompanying public discussion, should be taking place regarding what we have accomplished and what we will be doing in the coming year. Along with the Clean & Green Commission, involvement by the Parks & Recreation Commission, who oversee public space in the city, would also help keep residents informed and involved in the process.

While taking a regional approach to conservation makes a lot of sense it is the hardest concept to implement with constant changes in elected-officials, and different jurisdictional priorities. As difficult as it is to achieve it is an effort that must be made. It is probably time to bring Friends of the Rappahannock and the Sierra Club to the table to discuss regional conservation goals and to monitor implementation.

“You’re going to get a lot of people pushing to open that river up,” Kelly said. “Be very, very careful of taking an asset that we want to pass on to future generations and basically degrading it by granting everything everyone seems to be pushing for right now. …”

  • Work with conservation groups and developers to ensure implementation of Low Impact Development goals.
  • Ensure city tree plan goals are part of all discussions related to future development through proffers, planning, etc.
  • Work to establish a regional approach to water quality and management.

The Issues

Too often we are hearing from those in City Hall that they are doing what is required to inform the public. {more…}

No matter the adversity there are always opportunities. While presenting significant challenges to local governments in providing levels of service expected by residents {more…}

I cannot understand those who justify raising taxes because our tax rate is lower than other localities or those who opposes tax increases on the basis that taxes are too high. {more…}

“Even before the recent economic crash it was evident the city needed to diversify its tax base. {more…}

“As we consider the future development of our communities we must keep three simple truths in the fore front of our deliberations…” {more…}

“You’re going to get a lot of people pushing to open that river up,” Kelly said. “ {more…}

“At the end of the day, what I want to be able to do is say, alright, [GWRC], if you want to take care of transportation, these are the projects you’re going to need, this is how much it’s going to cost, this is how much we’re going to get from the state…{more…}