FOUR FOR COUNCIL (5/5/2002)  http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2002/052002/05052002/598130

“In Ward Three, our choice is Matt Kelly, who is as knowledgeable about city affairs–and we mean all of them–as anyone going. At once a lover of history and a proponent of growth compatible with it, Mr. Kelly would bring new intellectual vitality to council.”

SIERRA CLUB ENDORESE CANDIDATES (5/4/2002) http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2002/052002/05042002/598426

First among those is the chief forger of that spirit, Ward 3 incumbent Matt Kelly . In nearly every major accomplishment of this council, Mr. Kelly has "walked point," operating under the doctrine that conservation, citizen involvement, and the creation of public amenities are mutually compatible goals. A historian by education, Mr. Kelly savors Fredericksburg's past while envisioning its untapped possibilities. He rejects both mindless development and the entombment of a living city in preservationist amber. His moderate bent and bridge-building talents are too rare in modern politics, and we urge his re-election.

On May 2nd There Are Reasons to Vote—And Candidates to vote for (4/12/2006) http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2006/042006/04122006/182326
Sierra Club endorsements.
Leaving Office:
“Mr. Kelly came into office by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin with a 41-vote victory margin in Ward 3 and a notion to develop a city "river walk." There's still no river walk, but there are a downtown hotel and parking garage–handsomely conspicuous tokens of Fredericksburg's new confidence and Downtown's evolution from flea-market status. In addition, the well-informed Mr. Kelly has worked manically behind the scenes to smooth differences and broker compromises for the civic good, and has trod that good middle ground between development's lackey and its nemesis.”

“Spearheaded by Council members Matt Kelly and Kerry Devine, the easement agreement was refined and polished by virtue of some careful questions posed by Debby Girvan and other members. Now, thanks to their good work, the banks of the Rappahannock north of town stand a good chance of remaining as they are–wooded, beautiful, and undeveloped. “

The Issues

Too often we are hearing from those in City Hall that they are doing what is required to inform the public. {more…}

No matter the adversity there are always opportunities. While presenting significant challenges to local governments in providing levels of service expected by residents {more…}

I cannot understand those who justify raising taxes because our tax rate is lower than other localities or those who opposes tax increases on the basis that taxes are too high. {more…}

“Even before the recent economic crash it was evident the city needed to diversify its tax base. {more…}

“As we consider the future development of our communities we must keep three simple truths in the fore front of our deliberations…" {more…}

“You’re going to get a lot of people pushing to open that river up,” Kelly said. “ {more…}

“At the end of the day, what I want to be able to do is say, alright, [GWRC], if you want to take care of transportation, these are the projects you’re going to need, this is how much it’s going to cost, this is how much we’re going to get from the state…{more…}